Sapphic Cowboi - K'Anne Meinel

Sapphic Cowboi

By K'Anne Meinel

  • Release Date: 2015-10-08
  • Genre: Homo


Maggie is living on a farm in the backwoods of Alabama, raising her horses and trying to survive, when she is approached by a man looking for a horse act.  She and her horses go on the road with the circus, meeting new people and having new experiences, including meeting the beautiful Ariana.  What would a hick have in common with the sophisticated woman she meets?  Is it possible they have a future?

Ariana is everything a woman in depression era America would want to be, sophisticated, worldly, and beautiful.  What could she possibly see in the hard-working Maggie whose whole world revolves around her 'babies,' the magical horses she has trained?